Fender guitar collector buys older Fender guitars

Arizona Guitar Safari in January 2023

  I've just returned from a fantastic trip buying vintage guitars in the Flagstaff, Arizona area. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Flagststaff has an elevation of about 7000...
Fiesta Red Stratocaster '65 purchased in Scotland by guitar collector

Fiesta Red Stratocaster '65 from Scotland

I've just returned from an epic trip to northern Scotland to buy this Fender Stratocaster '65 in original Fiesta Red finish! It took nearly two days to fly to London,...
Gibson collector buys 1959 Gibson doubleneck guitar

Guitar Safari Champion: Gibson EDS-1275 1959 Doubleneck

When Reverb.com titled Tony Bacon's interview article about me The Guitar Safari Champion, I knew that one incredibly rare Gibson double neck guitar contributed significantly. I was vaguely familiar with the very rare...
Reverb.com's Guitar Collector Champion

Reverb's Guitar Safari Champion? The Guitars Responsible for the Title

2021 has been a spectacular year for buying vintage guitars worldwide, but I was still shocked when a friend at Reverb.com reached out with interest in featuring my shop. I've bought...
Gibson Les Paul Guitar Buyer

1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard Burst in Cape Town, South Africa

  This guitar safari to buy a vintage 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard burst in Cape Town, South Africa was the trip of a lifetime! I am always a vintage...
Where to sell vintage Gibson Les Paul guitars

Guitar Safari Vlog: Vintage Gibson Les Paul Goldtop 1954

The family was only interested in selling their prized vintage Gibson Les Paul in cash and in person after getting an appraisal. I booked a flight to San Diego, California as soon as a deal was on the table. 1954 Gibson Les Paul Model (goltop!) Guitar Safari Vlog