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One way to find out how old is my Fender guitar is check the serial number against the Fender serial number records. The following is a nearly comprehensive list of Fender guitar serial numbers for Stratocasters, Telecasters, Jazzmasters, and Jaguars made from 1950 until the 1980s. Keep in mind that Fender serial numbers are not necessarily consecutive and the plates are easily swapped out using only a screwdriver. You can begin to date your Fender guitar by checking the serial number, then move on to the model specific pages for a more thorough view on the year your guitar was made. 

How to use the Fender serial number lookup to find out how old is your Fender guitar: First find the location of the serial number. Check the back of the body on the metal plate in the middle (this is the neck plate). If nothing, then look on the front of the guitar in the center of the body where the strings attach (this is the bridge plate). If nothing, look on the front or the back of the headstock near the tuners. Second, decide if the serial number begins with a letter prefix. You'll need both the location of the number and the letter prefix (or lack thereof) to use the serial number lookup below. 

Where to find the Fender serial number on the neck plate or bridge plate

Start here: Where is the serial number and does it have a letter prefix? 

Four or Five digits on the bridge plate (1950-1954) Telecaster, Broadcaster, Esquire, Precision Bass

Four or Five digits on the neck plate (1954-1963)

"L" Serial numbers on the neck plate (1963-1965)

6 digits with Large "F" underneath on the neck plate (1965-1976)

"V" Serial numbers  Modern reissues since 1982

"S" Prefix 1977 - 1980

E Prefix - 1980s

N Prefix - 1990s

Z or DZ - 2000s

Made In Japan (1982-1995)

Here are some model specific articles on Fender guitar dating:

How to date a Fender Stratocaster

How to date a Fender Jazzmaster 

How to date a Fender Jaguar

Fender Guitar Serial Numbers on the bridge plate

Fender serial numbers from 1950 until 1955 are different than later numbers in that they are model or style specific. The Broadcaster, Esquire, and Telecaster have one set, the Precision Bass its own set, and the Stratocaster an entirely different set. I am looking for nice examples of each model of Fender guitars made in the 1950s. Let me know if you're considering selling one a Stratocaster, Telecaster, or Precision Bass from this time period: Sell a Fender

Broadcaster, Telecaster, Esquire

0001 - Low 1300s:    1950 - 1952
1300s - 3000s           1951 - 1954   Contact me if you have a Fender in this range
3000s - mid 5000s    1952 - 1954

Precision Bass

100 - 600  Three digits 1951 or 1952
0001 - ~0900  1952 and 1953
0800 - 2000  1954

Fender Serial Number Lookup for 1950 through 1954 on the bridge plate.

Fender Guitar Serial Numbers on the neck plate

Fender began stamping serial numbers on the metal plate on the back of the body in 1954. This serial number range is appropriate for dating Stratocasters, Telecasters, Jazzmasters from 1958 onward, and Jaguars from 1962 on. Remember that the plates are easily swapped for another plate using only a screwdriver, so it's only the first step in dating a vintage Fender guitar. If your neck plate has a serial number with more than six digits then it was not made in the 1950s or 1960s. Some of the earliest Stratocasters have a four digit serial number on the white plastic tremolo plate cover on the back of the body. I am looking for Fender guitars in the following serial number range so you can contact me here to sell a Fender guitar.

0001   –   8000 1954       Stratocaster introduced
6000   – 10000 1955
9000   – 16000 1956
16000 – 25000 1957 0 or – prefix possible
25000 – 30000 1958 (0 or – prefix)  Jazzmaster introduced
30000 – 40000 1959
40000 – 58000 1960
55000 – 72000 1961         
72000 – 93000 1962        Jaguar introduced
93000 – 99999 1963
I am looking for all Fender guitars in this serial number range. Contact me here to Sell a Fender guitar.


Fender serial numbers on the neck plate in the 1950s

Fender serial numbers preceded by an "L": Fender guitars made between 1963 and 1965 have a letter "L" preceding the serial number. The actual year of manufacture can range wildly during this time period, so it's important to check the model specific pages to accurately date Fender guitars with L serials. 

L00001 – L20000 1963     I am looking for all Fenders in this range
L20000 – L55000 1964         Contact the Fender guitar collector
L55000 – L99999 1965

Fender serial numbers on the neck plate beginning with L

Fender serial numbers with large "F" underneath: Leo Fender sold his company to CBS in 1965. The new owners instituted a mostly consecutive serialization system comprised of 6 digits and a large stylized "F" underneath. The F neck plate style was the location of Fender serial numbers from 1965 until 1976. 

100000 – 110000 1965
110000 – 200000 1966
180000 – 210000 1967
210000 – 250000 1968    I am looking for '60s Stratocasters and Telecasters
250000 – 280000 1969                           Sell a Fender
280000 – 300000 1970
300000 – 330000 1971
330000 – 370000 1972
370000 – 520000 1973
500000 – 580000 1974
580000 – 690000 1975
690000 – 750000 1976

Fender serial numbers on the neck plate

Fender serial numbers on the headstock:

Fender began applying the serial numbers to the headstock instead of the neck plate in 1976. The serial number scheme usually began with a letter prefix to indicate the decade then a series of numbers. An "S" indicates 1970s, "E" indicates 1980s, and "N" = 1990s. The first digit after the prefix usually indicates the year but there is plenty of overlap. While the first two digits following the letter prefix is supposed to be the year it was made, some were made the following year or even 2 years after. I recommend dating these guitars with the neck date and potentiometer codes. 

76xxxxx   1976      The "76" is in bold print for this range.

"S" Prefix intended to indicate Seventies: The first digit after the letter prefix was intended to indicate the year was made.
S1xxxxx - S69xxxx 1977 - 1982
S77xxxxx                1977  +2 years
S78xxxxx                1978  + 2 years
S79xxxxx                1979  + 2 years


"E" Prefix to indicate Eighties: The first digit after the letter prefix was intended to indicate the year was made.

E.g. E2xxxxx = 1982.   There is much overlap during this period, so the serial number is only a ballpark estimate. It's best to use potentiometer codes for a more accurate date. 

"N" Prefix to indicate Nineties: The first digit after the letter prefix was intended to indicate the year was made.

E.g. - N1xxxxx = 1991

"DZ" or "Z" Prefix to indicate the 2000s: The first digit after the letter prefix was intended to indicate the year was made.

E.g.  DZ4xxxxx = 2004 

Fender serial numbers lookup 1970s

Fender serial numbers beginning with a letter "V"

Fender introduced a new US Vintage series in 1982 using a serial number system consisting of a letter V prefix and four or five following digits. We recommend dating these guitars using the neck heel and potentiometer codes instead of the serial numbers. Some of the earliest US Vintage series Stratocasters can be considered by many players to be vintage collectible guitars at this point. 

Made In Japan Fenders

The 1980s were a strange decade for the Fender company. The quality of imported guitars rose quickly so Fender began marketing less expensive Fender branded guitars manufactured in Japan. Fender's parent company sold the brand in 1984 to a group of investors and closed the Fullerton factory. All Fender guitars were made in Japan from the Fullerton plant closing in 1984 until the Corona plant began operations in 1986.   

Letter prefixes for Fenders Made In Japan

JV --- '82, '83, '84

SQ --- '83, '84

D (for Made in Japan) --- '82

E --- '84, '85, '86, '87 Transition years to new ownership

A, B, C, --- '85, '86  Transition years

F --- '86

G --- '87

H --- '88

I, J --- '89, '90

K --- '90

L --- '91

M --- '92

N --- '93

O --- '94

P --- '95

Made In Mexico Fenders

Fender opened the Ensenada, Mexico factory in the late 1980s. Serial numbers for these guitars have an "M" prefix followed by a letter to indicate the decade. For more information on these guitars check out Ensenada from Fuzzfaced. 

The best lookup for Made In Mexico Fender Serial Numbers: Fender

MN --- 1990s

MZ --- 2000s

MX --- 2010s


John Shults


I have a limited edition 1963 stratocaster 089729 white in good condition. What would you price it at?

— Christina Brown

I have a 1964 strat, I would like to sell. Could you tell me what it would sell for.? The neck bolt plate number is L20517

— Dennis letilly

I have a 1964 fender Stratocaster . I would like to sell .Could you tell me how much it would sell for?

— Dennis letilly

I have a strat E341842 can’t find out what year it is

— tim Keener

I have a Fender Telecaster, serial number MX10151124. It has Heineken graphics on the front and back of the body. It’s never been played, only displayed.
Could you tell me what value you’d place on it. Thank you.

— Robert DeSchinckel

My Strat has the E serial number, it’s from 1984, the model with the 1 volume and 1 Tone, jack is on the scratchplate, it’s a usa made one, I know some people didn’t like this particular strat but I love it.

— Arthur Hayden

I have a fender Stratocaster serial number 371208. 1965-1976
What value do you place on it. It’s in good shape

— Gary

Hi John, I am here not to sell per se, but to confirm a purchase I made. I acquired a black strat from ebay rather reasonably priced and dated as a 60-61 Fender and not sure of it is. Besides price it is in pretty good condition to be that old. Serial # is 58520 and wanted to know if you could help me finally solve this case.

There’s some writing on the neck heel when separated from the body… no signs of true age.
Thank you, Robert

— Robert Schnuriger

My friend gave me a fender model Gemini number to guitar and it says the model number 850 2731 and I got some how it says that it’s a 1955 to a 1963 guitar it is in good shape good condition just has a little stupid sticker on the back I would like to know how much the guitar is work and do you people buy it because we’re not like guitar people and we would like to know how much the other people would give me for this guitar

— Angela

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