Sell My Vintage Guitar Near Me

Do you have a vintage guitar you would like to sell? I am a high level buyer and collector of USA made vintage guitars from Fender, Gibson, and Martin. You can contact me to sell a vintage guitar - anywhere in the world. I travel world wide so that owners of fine vintage guitars from brands like Gibson, Fender, and Martin don't have to bother with shipping. If you're searching for where to sell my guitar near me, then anywhere in the world, I can make that happen for you. True Vintage Guitar is a vintage guitar shop, online music store, and professional guitar dealer. 


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Take some basic photos and click the "Sell My Guitar" button at the top of the page. Let me know what kind of guitar you have and send me your pictures. You can sell your vintage guitar to me anywhere in the world and get a personal, local deal for fair money. I can help by either coming to you or arranging for professional packing, shipping, and insurance. I’m happy to help you with questions like “what is my vintage Gibson guitar worth?” or “how much is my vintage Fender guitar worth?”

Where to sell vintage guitars? You've just found a passionate buyer who travels all over the world for the finest vintage guitars.

Sell guitar near me 

A good friend once said of vintage guitars, “Always buy what you love.” I love classic, American made guitars and amplifiers made up until 1978. I’m looking to buy guitars made by Fender Electric Instrument Company, Gibson, C. F. Martin and Co., and all other American made guitars.

I would love to talk to you about selling your vintage, American made guitar or amplifier. I promise to treat you with the utmost respect and be transparent throughout our dealing. I am happy to either purchase outright or consign your piece for you. I’m always out on the road buying so I may be able to come to you. If that isn’t possible then my insurance company can make shipping easy and stress free (no risk for you!). Together we can find the player or collector who will cherish your instrument as much as its original owner.

How to sell a guitar near me:

If you have a classic Fender, Gibson, or Martin guitar and you're looking for who buys vintage guitars near me, then here are the steps I recommend:

1. Take a few basic pictures: A couple quick pictures do wonders for selling a guitar near me. Take one of the full guitar in its case, one of the back of the guitar, one of the front of the body, then one of the front of the neck.

2. Fill out the form: Click here to attach pictures of your old guitar and include contact information. You can include your price there too if you have one in mind (but it's not required).

3. I'll check out your guitar: I'm looking for vintage collectible guitars primarily from Gibson, Fender, and Martin.

4. Receive an offer: I want to be your highest offer and best selling opportunity for the guitars I'm looking for. 

After you've received an offer to sell your vintage guitar, you can decide if it's the right selling opportunity for you. I'm happy to come to you if the price of the guitar makes sense to both of us. If travel isn't an option, I've got ultra fast (overnight) and super safe (no risk to you) shipping options which might also make sense to us. 


I can help with that. Let's start by getting some pictures of your guitar. Serial numbers on Gibson and Fender guitars can be very misleading so I've got to see what your guitar looks like in order to inform a serial number or factory order number. 

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