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Whether you are looking to sell, looking to buy, need a vintage guitar appraised, or have a vintage guitar or amplifier question, we are here to help!

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History of True Vintage Guitar

True Vintage Guitar began in a dorm room more than a decade ago, when a curious college student peered into the rabbit hole of vintage collectible instruments and fell in head first. It was my hobby for five years: searching out interesting guitars and stories while also working full time.  In 2014, I decided to venture full time into this wild west of an industry, and I haven’t looked back since. 

Buying from True Vintage Guitar

I've tailored my online listings to show every bit of information I think you'll need to make an informed decision about your purchase. Curiosities and questions are welcome. Every purchase comes with a 48 hour approval period with no restocking fee. 


After more than 10 years of buying vintage guitars, I am confident that the best deals are ones where both parties in the transaction operate from the same information. I want you to be fully informed about what it is that you're selling before we attempt to come to a price that works for both of us. Instruments often carry important legacies, and I want to do my best to honor those stories. 

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True Vintage Guitar Clients

What Our Clients Say About Us

robin h
in the last week

Wonderful experience selling my old guitar! John and Walter were wonderful. They took care of everything so all I had to do was drop it off at fed ex. This online transaction was so quick and easy from beginning to end and they are some of the nicest people I’ve ever talked to.

Gino Gargiulo
a week ago

I had some questions on a guitar that I have so I sent John pictures to do an evaluation for me. Of course I was happy to pay him whatever he required. He looked at the guitar and gave me the evaluation I needed. He absolutely refused to take any money.what an awesome guy. Hopefully I need his business services in the future so I can actually give him some money! Thank you so much. I can’t recommend John high enough.

Brock Cain
3 weeks ago

John demonstrates outstanding professionalism in his expertise and business practices. I enjoyed doing business with him, and highly recommend True Vintage Guitar to any serious collector.

Shane Valcoure
a month ago

The process seemed a little risky, but John is true to his word. He walked me through packaging and everything needed to ensure the instrument was safe to ship. I dropped the instrument off at FedEx late afternoon, he received it the next morning and he transferred funds within a few hours. Great experience and I’d recommend him to anyone. Thank you John!