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John Shults - Gibson guitar collector

I am a passionate Gibson guitar collector who buys vintage Gibson guitars from the 1950s through the mid 1960s. I'm primarily a guitar buyer for 1950s era Gibson Les Paul guitars and will do all I can to help you sell a Gibson for fair value in a convenient setting. I travel world-wide to buy the Gibson guitars I'm looking for. If you've considered selling your prized vintage Gibson then I'd love to take a look at it. I may be the Gibson buyer you're looking for or I may be able to help you find the value of your Gibson.

Please note, at this time I am only looking to purchase Gibson guitars made before 1970, thank you!

I pay top dollar for vintage Gibson guitars

What kind of guitar buyer is worthy to provide a new home for your older Gibson guitar? When looking for the right Gibson guitar buyer, passion, knowledge, and experience are of the utmost importance. This website is the expression of my devotion to spreading passion and knowledge about vintage Gibson guitars. 

Passion: I travel world wide to buy the vintage guitars I'm looking for. You can sell your original Gibson in person from anywhere in the world. 

Knowledge: Having trouble finding the year and model of a classic Gibson guitar? Check this out: Gibson Serial Numbers

Ease: As a skilled Gibson guitar buyer with 15 years experience, I have the infrastructure to help you sell your Gibson either in person or using my full insurance and overnight shipping. 

We buy vintage Gibson guitars for fair prices and with no risk or hassle to the seller. We're looking for the nicest examples from the 1950s and 1960s primarily, but we also buy Gibson guitars from 30s, 40s, and 50s depending on the model and condition. 

Ready to chat about selling? Click here to send me info and photos of your guitar and I will be in touch!

How to sell a Gibson to True Vintage Guitar

Let's begin by getting some basic pictures of your Gibson guitar. As a Gibson guitar expert, I can quickly identify your Gibson to find the year it was made, exact model, assess its condition, and look for any repairs or modifications. Vintage Gibson guitar values are very year specific since Gibson updated its manufacturing process over time. I'll need a few basic pictures to start with before we discuss your guitar. You can send me information and pictures by clicking the "Contact John" button below. 

The next step for how to sell a Gibson is a phone call to discuss proper guitar identification. I want you to know what a Gibson guitar collector sees when I evaluate the Gibson. I may ask for additional pictures so that we know exactly what you are considering selling. At that point we might discuss your guitars value when we consider any repairs necessary. 

Sometimes the most important step in how to sell a Gibson is the transaction itself. I travel worldwide to make selling a Gibson easy and risk free. If you have a vintage Gibson of high value that I'm looking for then I may be able to come to you no matter where you live. Or if I can't make it out to you then I can arrange for pro packing, shipping, and insurance to get it to me safely. 

Most Valuable Vintage Gibsons

1960 Gibson Les Paul

A 1960 "Burst" Les Paul in case, purchased from the original owner!

Selling a 1950s - 1960s Gibson guitar? I'd love to give it a new home!

Gibson Les Paul Custom
1953 - 1968

Gibson Les Paul "Burst"
1958 - 1960

Gibson Les Paul Junior
1954 - 1957

Gibson ES-335, 345, 355
1958 - 1964

Gibson Les Paul - SG
1961 - 1970

Vintage Gibson guitar values

The value of a vintage Gibson guitar depends on the year it was made, exact model, condition, originality, and sometimes the color. 

Before we try to find the value of a vintage Gibson we need to accurately identify the guitars. That's why having a Gibson guitar expert's opinion is important to finding the value of a vintage Gibson. Click here to contact me about your vintage Gibson guitar. Please include info and photos of your guitar so I can check it out. I'll email or call back to discuss. I want you to be fully informed with accurate identification of your vintage Gibson before we discuss its value. 

Learn more about the Gibson guitar collector: About Me

Here are a few helpful links for accurate guitar identification to find the value:

How to date a Les Paul

How to date an ES-335

How to date a Gibson SG

Gibson made a wide variety of guitars throughout the years but the time period I specialize in is between the 1930s and 1980. The solid body and semi hollow body electric guitars of the 1950s and 1960s are my personal favorites including the Les Pauls, ES-335 range, Flying V, Explorer, and Firebird.

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True Vintage Guitar reviews - a trusted 5-Star dealer

From Robin, after I purchased her vintage Epiphone Texan

Wonderful experience selling my old guitar! John and Walter were wonderful. They took care of everything so all I had to do was drop it off at fed ex. This online transaction was so quick and easy from beginning to end and they are some of the nicest people I’ve ever talked to.

From Shane, after I purchased his Gibson SG

The process seemed a little risky, but John is true to his word. He walked me through packaging and everything needed to ensure the instrument was safe to ship. I dropped the instrument off at FedEx late afternoon, he received it the next morning and he transferred funds within a few hours. Great experience and I’d recommend him to anyone. Thank you John!

From Brock, after I purchased his 1967 Stratocaster

John demonstrates outstanding professionalism in his expertise and business practices. I enjoyed doing business with him, and highly recommend True Vintage Guitar to any serious collector.