Welcome to the new home of True Vintage Guitar, where every guitar and amplifier is thoughtfully chosen, inspected, cleaned, set up, photographed, and described by me. 

Whether you're here to buy, sell, or just check out the fresh vintage inventory, I'm happy you've dropped by. If you're here, then we share a mutual love of old guitars, gear, and the stories they carry. 

John Shults, 1968 Gibson ES-335td Sparkling Burgundy Metallic, Iron & Air magazine


True Vintage Guitar began in a dorm room more than a decade ago, when a curious college student peered into the rabbit hole of vintage collectible instruments and fell in head first. It was my hobby for five years: searching out interesting guitars and stories while also working full time.  In 2014, I decided to venture full time into this wild west of an industry, and I haven’t looked back since. 


Buying from True Vintage Guitar

I've tailored my online listings to show every bit of information I think you'll need to make an informed decision about your purchase. Curiosities and questions are welcome. Every purchase comes with a 48 hour approval period with no restocking fee. 


Selling to True Vintage Guitar

After more than 10 years of buying vintage guitars, I am confident that the best deals are ones where both parties in the transaction operate from the same information. I want you to be fully informed about what it is that you're selling before we attempt to come to a price that works for both of us. Instruments often carry important legacies, and I want to do my best to honor those stories. 


True Vintage Guitar is located in located online from Birmingham, Alabama.