1978 Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo-003The Roland Space Echo and Chorus Echo units were made from 1973 to 1990 and became an industry standard for reliable tape delay, reverb and chorus effects. The RE-301 Chorus Echo was the first to introduce Echo, Reverb and Chorus all in one unit. These units are solid, quality echo machines made to the highest standards by Roland in Japan. The revolutionary free floating tape tank design cuts down on tape wear and unwanted echo inconsistencies. The 11 position rotary switch allows for different repeat divisions that make it easier for a player to dial in the delay style. The rich, tasteful sounding chorus will renew your interest in the effect like it did for me. The RE-301 is in my opinion the most desirable of the line because of the combination of usable effects as well as the old style Space Echo graphics and color scheme. This 1986 Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo has survived in wonderful original condition and still retains the original vinyl cover. The only service required was a light potentiometer cleaning with DeOxit. The repeats are warm and contain just the slightest amount of analog warble and inconsistencies which is how I like the tape echos to sound. The rotary switch for the echo division is very helpful in dialing the type of delay you're looking for. The Phaser effect in the Chorus section can be used for repeats or to help drive the tape into a beautiful self-oscillating crescendo. This RE-301 is so clean that it's useful both as a tool and as an investment piece for your collection. You'll love the warm analog repeats and be inspired by the chorus and phaser effect section. Call the number at the top of the screen or use the contact form on the right to speak with me directly about this 1986 Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo.
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