The National Model 75 Amplifier appears to have been produced between 1943 and about 1950. The iconic tweed covering and large National brand badge on the front make this one easy to spot from far away. It features twin 6L6 power tubes that allow for plenty of clean head room as well as smooth break up with some hot pickups. The model 75 has unique features that indicate it was made for a professional musician including a pin style connector between the head and output transformer that allows an easy disconnect for servicing. 1948 National 75 Amp-012 This gorgeous 1949 National Model 75 is in absolutely incredible condition for its age and includes the original cover, leather handle and warrantee card (maybe you should register it?). It operates perfectly on all original parts including the original coke bottle style RCA power tubes and 12" Rola brand speaker. The amp has great thick cleans all the way until about 9 when that classic overdriven vintage tube amp tone takes over (with my ES-335). The simple control layout features volume only which encourages a player to dial in the tone via the guitar controls. This amplifier is one of the cleanest vintage collectable musical instrument items I've ever seen. The original warrantee card from National is still included should you feel the need to register. The aesthetically pleasing and sonically unique original 6L6 tubes are easily spotted through the vent on the rear of the amplifier. The simple elegance of the vintage styling and tone from this amplifier draws me in every time I pass by it. Call the number at the top of the screen or use the contact form on the right to speak with me directly about this 1949 National Model 75 amp.
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