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I pay top dollar for vintage guitars from Fender, Gibson, Martin & More

Please note, at this time I am only looking to purchase guitars made before 1970, thank you!


If you've acquired more than a few Fender and Gibson guitars as a part of a guitar collection then you may wish to sell the collection as a whole. I've spent the last decade building an amount of capital which allows me to buy the guitars I want - or even entire collections of the Fender and Gibson guitars I've always dreamt of. I deal in person and with a payment method that works for both buyer and seller.

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Click here, or scroll to the form at the bottom of this page to send me info about your guitar collection. Please send as much info as you can. Take one picture of each guitar and attach them to the form. if that doesn't work, you can find my contact information by scrolling down to the very bottom right side of this page. I'm looking forward to checking out your guitar collection!

Step 1: Take one picture of each guitar in your collection. 

Step 2: Use the form below to send info and pictures to me for evaluation.

Step 3: Once I receive your info, I will reach back out to you to discuss selling your guitar collection. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling a guitar collection

Will you come to me to buy my collection in person?

Yes. If you have a collection of guitars to sell which is worth the trip to buy them then I may be able to come to you for an in-person transaction. 

How much will you pay to buy my guitar collection?

If you have a price in mind that you'd like to get to sell your collection then I would be happy to hear it. I have sufficient cash reserves to buy any guitar collection of guitars that I've been dreaming of. If you don't have a price in mind, that's ok! I would be happy to submit an offer which I believe will work for both of us. 

Do you buy only vintage guitars?

No, but my primary focus is on vintage collectible guitars made in the USA by brands like Fender and Gibson

Do you resell all of the guitars?

No. I buy vintage guitars to build my own personal collection, but I do sell the guitars that I don't see myself keeping long term. Being a vintage guitar buyer allows me to own the Fender and Gibson guitars that I've always dreamed of. Selling vintage guitars is a necessary part of being able to collect and own them. 

My "Good Home" Promise

A new home for your vintage guitar collection

Many of the sellers who reach out to me want their vintage guitar collection to go to someone who is passionate about it. They want to know that their guitar collection will be cherished, protected, but most importantly: played! Those who know me personally are familiar with the sacrifices I made over the past eleven years to devote my entire career to vintage guitars. I hope that my passion will be evident from our conversations together. I think that my feedback on Google will also help you feel comfortable that your guitar is going to a good home.

My most wanted vintage guitars

Gibson Les Paul Custom
1953 - 1968

Gibson Les Paul "Burst
1958 - 1960

Fender Stratocaster 1954 with Maple neck and Ash body, original leather strap, in center pocket case

Fender Stratocaster

Factory Custom 1950s Fender Stratocaster

Fender Broadcaster

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