1950 Valco Supro Supreme-024The Supro Supreme amplifier manufactured by Valco appeared in a few different circuit configurations from the late 1940s and into the 1950s. These amps are known for both their killer tweed era breakup and iconic tweed aesthetics. The 510-1B circuit featured two octal preamp tubes, two 6V6 power amp tubes and a 5Y3 rectifier tube. This circuit combined with a 10" Rola speaker make for killer recording amplifiers for that vintage tone. This Supro 510-1B Supreme has survived in great condition and still has the original tubes, paper schematic diagram, leather handle and unopened spare fuse packet. Some of the internal components were changed because of age including a three prong power supply install and various capacitors and resistors (see pictures). Both the transformers and speaker are original to the amp and in great working condition. Now it's back in to tip top playing shape and is ready to join you on the stage or in the studio. Expect thick, dark cleans and early tube compression and drive. Crank the gain for that screaming tweed breakup and kiss your overdrive pedals good bye. This 1951 Supro Supreme amp has been lovingly brought back to solid playing condition and is ready to go on the road or in the studio. The warm, early drive from this amp is everything a drive pedal wishes it could be and more. The tweed shows just enough wear to show that it's the real deal and not a recent reproduction. Call the number at the top of the screen or use the contact form on the right to speak with me directly about this 1951 Supro Supreme amplifier.
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