Sell A Martin Guitar

Sell a Martin Guitar

If you're looking to sell a Martin guitar from the 1920s up through the 1960s then you've come to the right place. I am a passionate Martin guitar buyer and a collector of vintage Martin guitars. I am a vintage guitar expert with over a decade of experience. I can help with vintage Martin guitar dating, evaluation, and appraisal

If you've inherited a valuable vintage Martin guitar and now are looking to sell, you may want a Martin guitar expert's help in the process. As a vintage Martin guitar expert, I can help with accurate Martin guitar identification, how to date Martin guitars, assessment of your guitar's condition, and evaluation of what repair may be necessary to get it back into playing condition. I'm always a Martin guitar collector myself, so if your Martin is a clean example of a year and model I'm looking for, I may also be the high level buyer for your guitar. I travel all over the country to buy the guitars I'm looking for in person. 

The gentleman in the picture below contacted me because he wanted to sell a Martin guitar. His Martin happened to be one of the guitars I'm looking for: a clean 1930s Martin with shaded top finish. He sent pictures to me so I could evaluate the guitar for accurate identification, how to date the Martin guitar, and assessment of its condition. We discussed it at length and he asked me to make an offer on his Martin. I made a strong offer to buy the guitar and agreed to drive the 10 hours to his location to buy it in person. He compared my offer to that of other sellers and decided to accept my offer. I'm thrilled to be the collector he was looking for to sell his Martin guitar. 

How to sell a Martin guitar

Click the Contact Me button in the lower right corner to reach out to me to sell a Martin guitar. You can take pictures of your guitar and text or email them to the contact information provided. I'll inspect the guitar via photos and get back with you with more information about your Martin guitar. If you have a price or value in mind that you'd like to sell your Martin guitar for then I would be happy to hear it. 

Where to sell vintage Martin guitars


Do you have a Martin guitar you’re looking to sell? Would you like help dating your vintage Martin guitar? Use the contact form on the right at the bottom of the page to send me pictures and a quick description of your guitar.

I’m always buying vintage Martin guitars. I’m looking to buy vintage Martin D-18 guitars, Martin D-28 guitars, Martin 0-18 guitars, Martin 00-18 guitars, Martin 000-18 guitars, Martin 000-28 guitars, Martin D-45 guitars, and all other Martin models. I’m especially fond of the sunburst or shade top finished Martin guitars.

 How to sell vintage Martin guitar 

If you’re having difficulty dating and identifying your vintage Martin guitar then use the contact form on the right side of the page to send some pictures. I may be able to help.