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Vintage Fender amplifiers are a great value for guitar collectors 

I am a passionate buyer for your vintage Fender guitar amplifier. I'm a guitarist and vintage Fender amplifier enthusiast. Let me help with questions like "how old is my Fender amp?" and "what is my Fender guitar amp worth?" It may only look like a guitar speaker, but an amplifier is an essential part of a guitarist's tone.

If you're looking for more information on your vintage Fender guitar amp, check out my article on how to date a vintage Fender guitar amplifier.

Looking for help with "where to sell Fender amp?" Find a passionate buyer. True Vintage Guitar (me!) is an online guitar shop and vintage guitar dealer. I have set aside a large pool of money to collect vintage Fender guitar amplifiers. You can sell your vintage Fender amp today to a passionate musician and vintage guitar enthusiast. Contact me to sell a Fender guitar guitar amp. 

Worried about shipping a vintage Fender guitar amp? Allow me to arrange for professional packing, insure the amp for its full value via my third party insurance policy, and draft a shipping label for you. I will personally guarantee you a risk and hassle free selling experience. 

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