1962 Silvertone 1472-034Before the Silvertone 1480 series were the 1470 amps. Both series had similar or identical circuits and were made by Danelectro. They differed in styling and sometimes speaker brand. The 1472 had a very similar design to the brown face era Fender Deluxe using a 12" speaker, two 6V6 power tubes, two 12AX7 preamp tubes and tremolo effect built in. Some of the lucky 1472s received a Jensen C12R speaker instead of the Magnavox brand speaker. These amps are very responsive to the guitar pickup and dynamically react to the player's style. This 1962 Sears Silvertone 1472 has survived in wonderful structural and cosmetic condition and continues to perform like it did back in the day. This one does not show signs of leaky capacitors/drifted resistors, weak speaker or gummed up potentiometers. It is completely original down to the two prong power supply. The only repairs are a light potentiometer cleaning and the addition of new connectors to the output wire. The cabinet is structurally sound without smashed corners or ripped covering. This is one of the lucky 1472s that has a real Jensen C12R right out of the factory. The Sears Silvertone 1472 and 1482 are some of the hottest amps around today and clean examples are very difficult to find. This one is an excellent example and is ready to go in the studio or on tour (ask me about a 3 prong power supply install). Call the number at the top of the screen or use the contact form on the right to speak with me directly about this 1962 Sears Silvertone 1472 amplifier.
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