The Echoplex EM-1 Groupmaster was released in 1971 and was the top of Mike Battle's Echoplex line. While many of today's delay units use digital technology to repeat a signal, tape echo machines record a signal to tape and play the signal back at different intervals to achieve an echo sound. The result is a warm, analog tone with pleasing tape machine variables that aren't easily emulated with digital technology. The Groupmaster was made largely for studio use and was sold in small quantities. We have sold three previously: serial numbers 12103, 12080, and 12140. This 1973 Maestro Echoplex EM-1 Groupmaster V2 with footswitch has just returned from a full clean and service including tape transport cleaning/adjustment, updated filter capacitors, and motor rebuild. It's now in nice functional condition with warm, beautiful repeats. The large VU meter is both attractive and aids in dialing the right amount of gain. There's an extra unused tape cartridge included along with the original footswitch. We're confident you'll love the tone and cool aesthetic of this Echoplex Groupmaster! Do you have an Echoplex for sale? I'm always looking to buy Echoplex machines of all forms. Sell your Echoplex to me here: my buying page.
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