1971 Echoplex Groumaster-024The Echoplex EM-1 Groupmaster is a Mike Battle designed four channel mixer version of the storied EP-3 introduced ca. 1970. This rare tape echo combines the desirable EP-3 solid state preamp with the added functionality of a four input mixer and attractive large UV meter. The mixer allows the operator simultaneous echo signals with different signal gain and tone adjustments to take full advantage of the EP-3s preamp and echo tone. The Groupmaster was the top of the line offering from Market Electronics during Battle’s tenure. While production figures are unknown, the EM-1 Groupmaster is rarely offered for sale.

This EM-1 Groupmaster appears to be a part of the early production run that resulted in the rare red face EP-3. It’s the only one we can find with the red silk screen on the faceplate and early, era correct serial number. It’s just returned from a full clean/service from Tony at Orbit Electronix. Tony cleaned and adjusted the tape transport, replaced faulty input jacks, update filter capacitors and rebuilt the motor. It’s now in perfect functioning condition with warm, beautiful repeats. The large VU meter is both attractive and aids in dialing the right amount of gain.

This rare tape echo has been cleaned and adjusted and is ready to go in your collection or studio. Tony knows his way around an Echoplex and has serviced many Groupmasters. Rest assured that you’ll be the only one showing up to a gig with an EM-1 Groupmaster. Call the number at the top of the screen or use the contact form on the right to speak with me directly about this rare 1971 Maestro Echoplex EM-1 Groupmaster.

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