1968 Gibson SG Standard

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Posted on August 08 2019

1968 Gibson SG Standard 903942-026Gibson’s SG body style debuted in 1961 as the next version of the Les Paul signature model. It wasn’t until 1963 that the “Les Paul” graphic was removed from the headstock in favor of the classic “Crown” inlay and it was renamed “SG Standard.” The SG featured a solid Mahogany body and neck with two of Gibson’s popular humbucking pickups. Other important features included a neck that joined the body at the 19th fret and two cutaways that allow full access to the entire fretboard. The Standard model also came with fancy trimmings including a bound neck, trapezoid fretboard inlays, Lyre vibrola and the Gibson logo inlaid in pearl on the headstock. The timeless SG body shape went in to production in 1961 and has remained in production in some form ever since. This 1968 Gibson SG Standard has survived in wonderful, almost unplayed condition. 1968 seems to be the only year that the logo was applied to some of the pickguards in this fashion (check out this 1968 Gibson ES-335 with similar logo on the pickgard). We've priced this guitar attractively since it has some changed parts and a non-invasive truss rod repair. The tuning keys, bridge, volume/tone knobs (3 are old and one is new), case, and wiring harness seem to date to about 1964 but appear to be Gibson parts. It's likely that the guitar's truss rod anchor slipped early on in its life rendering difficult to play. Jason Burns (Burnsrepair.com) installed a new anchor so now the guitar plays perfectly with a straight neck and full original fret height. I'm confident that you'll find this guitar a joy to play and a huge value at this price!

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