This vintage 1961 Gibson SG Special guitar came through the shop last year. It was a fine playing instrument and an excellent example of the first year of this SG body style. I'm always a buyer for vintage Gibson guitars but I especially love the SG Special model. You can contact me here to sell a Gibson guitar.

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1962 Gibson SG Special


"SG SPECIAL SOLID BODY: Another guitar with new styling. New contoured body design and light weight make the SG Special one of the best values in the solid body market. This beautiful and wonderful sounding guitar will be available in two finish: cherry-red and the ultra-modern light cream... Similar in design and appearance to the present new Les Paul Standard, the SG Special has two powerful pickups plus four controls with toggle switch. An ideal instrument for both professional and student... SG Special: $195 (specify color)" -- Summer 1961 Gibson Gazette trade magazine.

Make and Model: Gibson SG Special 

Year: 1961, serial 35xxx, rare SG style body with offset bridge studs and non-compensated stop tail bridge

Specifications: 6lbs even, wide neck (1 11/16"), .8" neck depth at the first fret, .9" at the 12th, 7.3k ohms neck pickup, 7.2k ohms bridge pickup

Originality: All parts appear to be original except the strings. No breaks or repairs.

Condition: Near mint with some light edge wear. Almost unbelievable with no fade. The only tick against this guitar is that both strap buttons have been pushed in a bit farther than I'd like to see.

Playability: Excellent. I’ve just completed a full set up and inspection. This one plays nicely with a working truss rod  (.003″ relief), perfect frets with no wear, and strong pickups.

Notes: Just in from the original owner. We were told it was a gift from his wife who passed a few months back. Dave told us that money was tight when they bought it in 1962 so he made his own case. He did a surprisingly great job and the homemade case protected the guitar perfectly. I wanted to photograph and sell with period correct vintage alligator style case so I sourced one. This guitar is in simply breathtaking condition and is sure to please the most demanding player, collector, or fellow guitar curmudgeon.

I'm always looking for clean vintage Gibson electric guitars but I especially love the SG Special model. The P-90 pickups and wrap tail bridge are an excellent combination. Please contact me here to sell my vintage Gibson guitar: 

Vintage 1961 Gibson SG Special Cherry electric guitar, original leather strap

Headstock, Vintage 1961 Gibson SG Special Cherry electric guitar

back of body, Vintage 1961 Gibson SG Special Cherry electric guitar

Control cavity, potentiometers, Vintage 1961 Gibson SG Special Cherry electric guitar

Vintage 1961 Gibson SG Special guitar


John Shults

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