This vintage 1957 Gibson ES-225 electric guitar with two P-90 pickups, thin hollow body, and f holes came through the shop a few years ago. It was a phenomenal playing guitar and the sounded divine. I'm always a vintage Gibson guitar buyer but I especially love 1950s Gibson guitars. You can contact me here to sell a Gibson guitar

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1957 Gibson ES-225TDN! From the 1959 Gibson catalog, "The ES-225T series of thin-bodied, cutaway guitars offer outstanding professional instruments in the popular priced field. Combining the rigidity and tone features of a solid body guitar, with the light weight easy-to-hold shape of conventional styling, these instruments are available in single or double pickup models. On single type, the pickup is strategically located to produce the best response. On double type, pickups are placed for contrasting treble and bass response with separate tone and volume controls which can be pre-set and toggle switch to activate either or both pickups."

This clean 1957 Gibson ES-225TDN (Thin body, Double pickup, Natural finish) has just come from (we're told) the family of the original owner (Now sold thank you!). Repairs include a professional refret from Jason at and a replaced nut. We installed a new replacement Bigbsy B6 tailpiece and a vintage Bigbsy bridge since both the original bridge and tailpiece were not included with the guitar. We observed a small hole on the bass side of the heel of the neck from a previously installed strap button. This guitar is now in gorgeous playing condition and currently strung with .012 flat wound strings from Thomastik-Enfield. It intonates beautifully and the fretwork is top quality. Sold thank you!

1957 Gibson ES-225 TDN

1957 Gibson ES-225 TDN headstock

1957 Gibson ES-225 TDN

1957 Gibson ES-225 TDN headstock stinger, back of neck

1957 Gibson ES-225 TDN

Stinger, Gibson headstock, back of neck

John Shults

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