This clean vintage 1971 Fender Jazzmaster electric guitar in rare original Black finish with highly flamed Maple neck cruised through the shop a few years ago. It's one of my favorite Fender Jazzmaster guitars I've ever played. I'm always looking to buy clean vintage Fender guitars but I especially love the Jazzmaster model. You can contact me here to sell a Fender guitar.

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After a slow start in 1958, the Fender Jazzmaster quickly picked up steam as an American classic. While never as popular as the Stratocaster or Telecaster, the Jazzmaster has gathered a cult following as a result of its unique offset styling and proprietary pickups and electronics. The Jazzmaster has been in production in some form since its introduction except for a short hiatus from 1982 to 1986. The Jazzmaster's pickups are unique in that its coils are only 1/8" high but extend out to the edge of the almost inch wide bobbin.

This 1971 Fender Jazzmaster received a rare combination of features: a factory custom color Black finish with white pick guard and a incredible flame Maple neck. We can find at least one other Black Jazzmaster from this time period but production numbers are unknown. It's in very nice original condition with a professionally replaced bone nut and an added string tree. The guitar shows signs of standard playing wear but has just received a professional setup and plays very nicely. Fender made the pickguard out of their white/black/pearloid material often used for Telecaster Thinlines and it has shrunk slightly. The case too shows signs of wear including one broken latch hinge (latch included) and various scratches, etc. I'm confident you'll love the way this one plays and sounds. Rest assured you'll be the only one showing up to a gig with factory Black 1971 Jazzmaster with a killer flame Maple neck.

 Vintage 1971 Fender Jazzmaster guitar Black

Vintage 1971 Fender Jazzmaster Black guitar

Fender Jazzmaster headstock flame maple 1971

F logo tuners 1971 Fender Jazzmaster

Vintage Fender Jazzmaster Black guitar

Flame Maple neck Fender 1971 Jazzmaster

Neck pocket, 1971 Fender Jazzmaster Black

Neck heel, 1971 Fender Jazzmaster


John Shults

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