1960 Gibson SG Special

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Posted on August 08 2019

Gibson's "SG" model name made its debut in mid 1959 with the SG Special. It was the exact same guitar as the Les Paul Special utilizing the double cutaway LP body but devoid of the "Les Paul" signature on the headstock and a pearl inlaid Gibson logo instead of the silk screen. The model remained unchanged except for a slight tweak of the neck pickup position for increased neck stability. The double cutaway/LP body style was discontinued in 1961 in favor of the SG body style as we know it today. This 1960 Gibson SG Special in museum grade condition comes from the cousin of the original owner. We're told that Lynda purchased this guitar new and played it sparingly. She passed a few years ago and the instrument had no surviving guitar players to pass to so it was offered for sale. It's in 100% original condition with only replaced strings. It retains the original Gibson logo chipboard case, hang tag with "SG Special Red" model designation, 1/4" cable, and original Gibson string tag. It's in good playing condition and is likely one of the cleanest in existence. We're confident this guitar will be a fine addition to your collection or museum.

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