1955 Fender Deluxe-Amp guitar amplifier

John Shults

Posted on July 15 2021

1955 Fender Deluxe guitar amp tweed


This amazingly clean vintage 1955 Fender Deluxe-Amp with tweed covering came through the shop last year. It's a very well preserved vintage Fender guitar amplifier. I'm always a Fender amp buyer but I especially love the tweed Deluxe amps from the 1950s. You can contact me here to sell a Fender amp

Dating a vintage Fender guitar amp can be a bit tough since the serial numbers on Fender amps aren't helpful. I've written an article here that will help you determine how old your Fender amp is: How to date Fender amps

"The Deluxe Amplifier is as modern as tomorrow and will give long lasting satisfaction to the owner." (Fender Electric Instrument Co catalog 1955). Fender debuted the new 5E3 circuit Deluxe model amplifier in 1955 with an updated cabinet design that became known as the narrow panel tweed Deluxe. The cabinet was made wider from 18" to 20" in 1956 but the circuit remained largely unchanged until 1961. The 5E3 circuit has been widely cloned and copied for players in search of its legendary smooth breakup and classic electric guitar tone.

This clean 5E3 small cabinet 1955 Fender "Deluxe" Amplifier was wired by Lupe Lopez in 1955 and has survived in wonderful original condition. All parts appear to be original to the amp except for the matched period correct GE 6v6 power tubes, period GE 5y3 rectifier tube, and reproduction leather handle. 

 How to date this Fender amp: let's start with the tube chart. The tube chart is a square paper chart on the inside side wall (sometimes left sometimes right) of the amp visible from the back. This chart shows where the tubes go, but it also has a two letter ink stamp that corresponds to a year and month. This tube chart code is "EH" where E = 1955 and H = August. For more on Fender amp dating and serial number information, check out How to date Fender amps

Vintage 1955 Fender Deluxe guitar amp tweed


back Vintage 1955 Fender Deluxe guitar amp tweed

chassis, circuit, capacitors, Jensen speaker, 1955 Fender Deluxe amp tweed


Tube chart 1955 Fender Deluxe tweed


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