"SG Special: Two ways new! A lovely new finish in White or Gibson's Cherry Red... an ultra modern new sculptured shape. Outstanding for its tone, versatility, and low fast action at a modest price."  --the 1964 Gibson catalog  

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Make: Gibson

Model: SG Special

Manufacturing Year: 

  • 1964, serial 229726
  • Potentiometer codes: 1376421 (21st week of 1964)
  • Wide 1 11/16" nut width
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs
Originality: Very nice and original except for era correct Kluson tuners with new aged conversion bushings (previously Schaller tuners)
  • 6 small holes filled on the back of the headstock from previous Schaller tuners
  • replaced screws on the back control cavity plate

Notes: This is a killer playing and sounding example of a classic workhorse electric guitar with no neck or neck joint repairs. It appears to have been factory wired out of phase in the middle position which happened sparingly in the mid 1960s. The case is a hard shell SG shape Gibson branded case from the 1970s.

1964 Gibson SG Special, body

1964 Gibson SG Special, headstock, neck

1964 Gibson SG Special, headstock

1964 Gibson SG Special, neck pickup, P-90 pickup

1964 Gibson SG Special, back of body

1964 Gibson SG Special, tuners, back of headstock


John Shults

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