1930 Epiphone Model 0

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Posted on August 05 2019

Pre-Gibson Epiphone flat-top guitars are often described as "rare as hen's teeth." I count my blessings every day to have been able to find this one. The numbered series preceded the Recording series which had model letters A-D. This series received numbers 0-4, at least 4 is the highest number I've seen.
This Model 0 is constructed of solid Mahogany for the top, back, sides and neck while the fretboard and bridge are Rosewood. The bracing pattern is an incredibly light weight, single tone bar X pattern. The neck joins the body at 13th fret and the original tuners have the cogs above the shaft- both common features in a time period that was ushering in the golden age of guitar manufacturing. The very light build results in a very lively and loud box that is just perfect for the fingerstyle blues that I like to play (think Mississippi John Hurt). It would originally have had a long, triangular shaped pickguard.
This guitar has had a neck reset, tuner button replaced, and the bridge saddle cut down slightly. It would possibly benefit from another neck reset or work on the bridge plate to account for the slight belly in the top. Even so, the current setup is a joy to play and the tone is among the finest for fingerstyle guitars that I've ever played.

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