Gibson was still working with a skeleton crew when the boys came back from the war in 1946. Gibson kept the beautiful gold script logo for the time being but dropped the banner. Other than that, construction remained largely unchanged. This SJ was manufactured in the immediate post war period right after the banner was dropped so it has wartime features such as no fret board binding, belly down bridge, 1 3/4" nut and a Poplar neck block.
It has had some repairs in the past including neck set, bridge reglue, bridge plate helper, refret, 3 crack repairs on the back and a very light overspray only on the back and sides. The neck set was a clean job but not deep enough. It's playable now but the action is on the high side of ,medium at the 12th fret and the saddle is low. Even so, it sounds great with big booming bass, warm full mids and sparkling highs. This is truly a great instrument.

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