1951 Epiphone FT-110-004 Pre-Gibson Epiphone flat-top guitars are often described as "rare as hen's teeth." The FT-110 started as a square shouldered model but soon transitioned, as all Epi models did, to the more rounded body seen here. This guitar was made in the original New York factory before the workforce troubles and subsequent move to Philadelphia. The Rosewood saddle was very common for Epiphone during the 1940s an 1950s. This FT-110 has been played but well maintained. It has moderate fret wear but plays nicely up and down the fretboard. It is X braced which is standard for this model but not standard for Epiphone during this time period. The bridge is original but the saddle has had a little sliver of Rosewood placed on top since it had been cut down low. The guitar still retains five of the original six Bakelite pins with the sixth being a plastic replacement. This guitar came to me with the DeArmond pickup already installed so I decided to leave it on the guitar. It can be removed easily but I'm quite fond of it. The tone is loud, plucky, and projects well because of that arched Maple back.
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