Gibson Les Paul Model Goldtop 1955 with tag


The previous owner of this 1955 Gibson Les Paul goldtop lived in South Africa and acquired this guitar used in the 1990s. He retired to Faro, Portugal, but unfortunately lived only about a month in retirement before he passed. I purchased this fine example from his family. The scenery in Faro, Portugal was picturesque; the goldtop Les Paul was everything I was hoping it to be when I finally arrived. I was pleasantly surprised to find its original hang tag in the pocket of the case.

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Measurements: 8.3 lbs / 3.75 kg total weight. The neck measures 1.71" / 43.5 mm wide at the nut, 0.91" deep at the first fret, 1.00" deep at the 12th fret. The neck pickup reads 7.82k ohms and the bridge pickup reads 7.75k ohms

Originality: All finish, parts, and solder are original to this guitar except the bridge post bushings. Gibson's bushings until 1956 were only about 1/2" long which can lean forward under string tension. I had post-'56 style 1" long bushings installed for perfect bridge geometry. 

Playability: Very good! This is a nice playing example on original and only lightly worn frets. The neck is straight and the truss rod functions as intended. The potentiometers and output jack have been cleaned and operate as intended. 

Condition: Excellent! This golden era Les Paul has suffered no breaks or repairs. There is an area of cracked/scratched finish next to the bass side bridge post. 

Included: The original hardshell Lifton case and hang tag from Gibson are included. 

Fine Print: All guitars ship via FedEx Priority Overnight for domestic sales or FedEx Priority International. I offer a 48 hour approval period on all sales during which you are welcome to opt for a return. I do not charge a restocking fee, but any non-refunded payment processing fees, outbound shipping, and return shipping costs are subtracted from refunds in the case of a return.

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