1973 Fender Telecaster Custom Sunburst


Fender's Telecaster Custom version 2 debuted in 1972 with a new neck pickup designed by former Gibson pickup designer Seth Lover. Lover's Wide Range Humbucking pickup utilized CuNiFe magnetized pole pieces instead of bar magnets underneath the two coils. The Tele Custom also utilized a three bolt neck joint with micro tilt adjustment, individual volume and tone knobs for each pickup, and pickup selector switch on the upper bass side bout. The 1973 price list offers the Telecaster Custom with a Rosewood fretboard standard or Maple fretboard for $15 extra.

Make and Model: Fender Telecaster Custom

Year: 1973. Serial 515526.

Specifications: total weight = 7lbs 8oz. Neck dimensions are 1 5/8" nut width, first fret neck depth = .82", 12th fret neck depth = .96".

Condition: Excellent! This is a very clean example with one spot of forearm wear on the edge of the body.

Originality: All parts original except for a vintage correct neck pickup rewind with lead replacement from Tom Brantley.

Playability: Excellent! This one plays like a dream. There is a very small bit of fret wear in the first three frets. It doesn't affect playability at all. 

Notes: Just in from the brother of the original owner! This one is super clean, super light, and a monster player. It's very nicely preserved with original hang tag, warranty card, bridge cover, case key, allen wrenches, and hard shell case in nice condition. I'm confident you'll love this clean 1973 Fender Telecaster Custom!

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