2015 has been a great year here at True Vintage Guitar. We've seen some truly rare guitars and growth in the market that indicates a promising future for guitar collectors and players. Here are some of the pieces that stick out in my mind as truly fine. 

Vintage 1958 Fender Bassman tweed amp

1958 Fender Bassman 5F6-A: This version is the most desirable of the Bassman circuits. Tweed Fender Bassman amps have been tough to track down for some time but especially difficult to find are the ones that haven't been ravaged from decades of use. If you're looking for help with Fender amp dating, check out How to date a vintage Fender guitar amp. I'm always looking to buy clean vintage Fender amps. You can contact me here to sell a vintage Fender guitar amp

 1937 Martin 0-18 shadetop sunburst darktop vintage guitar

1937 Martin 0-18 shadetop: 1937 was a pinnacle year of manufacturing for the Martin company. The 0-18 model was made in small numbers but the shade top finished production numbers were exceptionally few. This guitar has survived in played but nice condition and sounds like a much larger guitar. The top was lightly braced but still retained all the necessary structural rigidity. I am always looking for clean shadetop Martin guitars. You can contact me here to sell a vintage Martin guitar.

Vintage Fender Jazzmaster 1962 Lake Placid Blue Metallic   

1962 Fender Jazzmaster Lake Placid Blue: This special guitar came to me via the original owner who had kept the guitar in excellent original condition. This one includes all the desirable pre-CBS features including a slab Rosewood fret board, clay dot markers, brown case, etc. The original black bobbin pickups are strong and the frets appear almost unplayed. The original Lake Placid Blue Metallic finish with matching headstock was very lightly faded and had that special look that original custom color Fenders are known for. Custom color Fender guitars are my favorite! Where to sell vintage Fender guitars. Or if you're looking for help with Fender guitar dating, check out How to date a vintage Fender Jazzmaster guitar. 

 Vintage Maestro Echoplex Groupmaster 4 channel mixer tape echo

1971 Echoplex EM-1 Groupmaster: Called the " '59 'burst of tape echoes", the Groupmaster is a sight to behold. The Groupaster features two EP-3 style preamps with a four channel mixer and large VU meter in front. This particular echo featured rare red silk screen graphics on the front.    

I am very excited to see what 2016 holds for TVG. I'm constantly on the lookout for rare vintage collectible musical instruments and gear. Thanks for being a part of this whether it's through making a purchase or just liking a picture on Instagram (@Truevintageguitar) or Facebook (Facebook.com/truevintageguitar). Feel free to reach out if you see a piece you like or have something that you'd like me to look out for in the future. Cheers!  -TVG

John Shults

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