The Fender Deluxe Amp has been in production from Fender in various forms since its introduction in 1946 as the Model 26 De Luxe. The most desirable version of the Fender Deluxe is the mid to late 1950s 5E3 version of its circuit with tweed covering. This Fender Deluxe 1959 is an excellent example of the prime year for the 5E3-A circuit and has survived in great condition. Knowing how to date a Fender amp is important to finding out how much it's worth. 

If you're looking for help with how to date a Fender Deluxe in order to find its value then I may be able to help. I'm an experienced Fender amp collector and am actively looking for the best examples of vintage Fender amplifiers and guitars. You can get help with Fender amp dating here: How to date a Fender amp or chat with me about how much I would value your amp here: Sell a Fender Amp.

Here's a great resource for more information on vintage Fender amplifiers: Fender Amps: The First 50 Years by John Sprung. This book starts with the early Fender woody amps and traces all the new models until the 1990s. 

How old is my Fender Deluxe Amp?

It's important to know how to date a Fender amp to begin to find its value. Fender Deluxe values depend on the model, year of manufacture, condition, and originality. Here's a great resource for Fender amp dating: How to date a Fender Amp. It's tempting to go straight to the serial number, but Fender amp serial numbers are model specific and we don't have the records from Fender to compare them to. That's why Fender amp serial numbers from the 1950s and 1960s aren't very helpful for dating a Fender Deluxe amp. 

The easiest place to start to find the year of this Fender Deluxe would be the tube chart ink stamp. The tube chart is a square piece of paper inside the back of the amp on the left side vertical wall. It shows the layout of the tubes, the circuit, and will usually have a two letter ink stamp code indicating the year and month it was assembled. This Fender Deluxe has an ink stamp reading "IC" where I = 1959 and C = March. 

For more help on Fender amp dating check out: How to date a Fender Amp.

Fender Deluxe amp 1950s dating. How to find the year.

Fender Deluxe Amp Values

Now that we know what year the Fender Deluxe was made, we can start to find out what it's worth. Fender Deluxe values vary based on exact year, condition, and originality. 1959 is my personal favorite year for the Fender Deluxe. The late 1950s are generally the pinnacle of value for Fender amp collectors like myself. If you are considering sell a 1950s Fender amp you can contact me here: Sell a Fender Amp.

The condition of a Fender Deluxe amp is a more subjective aspect of its value. The exterior yellow brown woven covering is called tweed and it is prone to wearing out. Worn tweed has a very cool and vibey look to it, but Fender amp collectors will almost always prioritize clean original tweed over worn tweed. The condition of this Fender Deluxe 1959 is pretty good since it was under its brown canvas cover most of its life. 

Originality is also a very important aspect of the value of a Fender Deluxe amp. The most important part of a Fender amp is its output transformer. The output transformer is located on the back side of the chassis, so you'll need to use a mirror to see if or remove the chassis to view it. I don't recommend removing the chassis to inspect a Fender amp unless you have experience doing so. Here's what an original output transformer looks like on a Fender Deluxe 1959:

Fender Deluxe Amp 1959 output transformer and power transformer

Sell a Fender Deluxe

As a Fender amp collector, I am looking for the nicest examples of vintage Fender amplifiers I can find. I travel world wide to acquire the Fender amps I've always dreamed of. You can contact me here if you're curious about how much a Fender amp collector might value your amp: Sell a Fender amp. You can send pictures to the contact information at the bottom of this page for me to check out. I'd be happy to give my thoughts on model, condition, and originality. I may also be the buyer you're looking for. 

Fender Deluxe Amp 1959 vintage tweed 5E3

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