This Gibson SG Standard 1965 in original Cherry Red finish is an excellent example of early to mid 1960s Gibson guitar craftsmanship. It was made right on the transition year to a skinnier neck and chrome hardware as opposed to the old style nickel. I loved this Gibson SG 1965 and have been looking for more SG guitars like it. If you have a vintage Gibson SG from the early to mid 1960s then I'd like to check it out.

As a Gibson guitar collector, I'm always on the hunt for Gibson SG and Les Paul guitars made in the 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s. I'm looking for all SG and Les Paul models in nice condition. If you're considering selling a vintage Gibson then you can contact me here: Sell a Gibson. You can send pictures and information to the contact information at the bottom of this page. I'd be happy to give my thoughts on how to date it and identify any repairs or replaced parts. I may even be a buyer for it. 

Here's a great book I've been reading lately for more information on Gibson SG guitars: The SG Guitar Book: 50 Years of Gibson's Stylish Solid Guitar. Author Tony Bacon's books on vintage guitars are essential to any guitar nerds book shelf. 

Gibson SG Standard 1965 Dating

It's important to accurately date a vintage Gibson SG guitar to establish its value. Here's holistic look at Gibson SG dating: How to date a Gibson SG. Finding the year of a Gibson SG is more than just checking the serial number since Gibson serial numbers are style specific, reused multiple times in the 1960s and 1970s, and not necessarily consecutive. I've dated this Gibson SG Standard to 1965 starting with the serial number, then the potentiometer codes, features, and even the shipment ledger scan from Gibson. 

The serial number on this Gibson SG Standard 1965 reads "286xxx" impressed on the back of the headstock with no Made In USA. This serial number range was used in 1965, 1973, 1974, and 1975. Since this number doesn't have Made in USA underneath, the serial number indicates that it was made in 1965. I'm looking for all 1960s Gibson SG guitars so you can contact me here to Sell A Gibson.

How to date Gibson SG 1965 with serial number
The next place I went to date this Gibson SG Standard to 1965 was the potentiometer codes.  Potentiometers are variable resistors that allow the player to control the volume and tone of the signal being sent to the amplifier. The potentiometers are found on the back of the body underneath the large plastic plate. We're looking for the code that is 7 digits and begins with "137". We can only make out parts of the code here since some of it obscured by solder. In this case, the potentiometer codes may not be very helpful.

The absolute best way to date a Gibson guitar is to have the scan of the serial number from the original Gibson shipment ledger. Gibson kept ledgers or day books all through the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s the list the serial number, model, and day that the guitar shipped from the factory. We're lucky to have a scan of the Gibson shipment ledger for this Gibson SG. Now we know the exact day this guitar shipped: August 6, 1965. 

Gibson Shipment ledger scan for Gibson SG guitar 1965

Gibson SG Standard 1965 Values

The value of a Gibson SG Standard is highly related to exactly what year it was made, its condition, and originality. It's important to compare Gibson guitars of equal years and condition in order to find the value of what it could be worth. There are fewer Gibson SG guitars made in the 1960s compared to the 1970s, so the supply side of the function of value is an important aspect of the value of a 1960s Gibson SG. You can contact me here if you have a Gibson SG from the 1960s and are curious about what a guitar collector might value it at: Sell a Gibson.

The condition of vintage Gibson guitar also highly affects its value. Gibson guitar collectors will usually prioritize clean and unworn guitars over similar guitars with loads of player wear. As a Gibson guitar collector, I personally prioritize guitars with little player wear and that haven't been passed around very much. I like to buy guitars from original owners and their families. I like guitars that have sat for a very long time in their case and are waiting for a careful expert for cleaning and set up.

If you're curious about how much I would value you your vintage Gibson SG then you can contact me here: Sell a Gibson. I travel world wide to acquire the vintage Gibson SG guitars I've always dreamed of. I may be able to come to you for an in-person transaction. 

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