The Fender Champ line began as a single ended, class A amp making just a couple of watts through a 8″ speaker in 1948 called the Champion 800. It underwent a few changes throughout the years but always retained the single 6V6 power tube delivering that smooth breakup and drive. The Champ platform became a recording guitarist’s essential companion that was portable but reliable. The only other necessities were a good guitar and some refined chops.

Check out a few other vintage Fender Champ amplifiers that have come through the shop:

1957 Fender Champ Amp Tweed  

1963 Fender Champ Amp Tweed

1966 Fender Champ Amp in original shipping box!

1969 Fender Vibro Champ Amp drip edge


This Fender Champ has survived in wonderful original condition and performs just as it did out of the factory. It still has all the original parts including the Fender brand tubes. The Champ didn't make any big changes between the black face era and 1977. The only changes seem to be tube brands, capacitor brands, detachable grill and three prong power supply. This is a budget friendly vintage amplifier that's easy to modify repair as needed. The only blemishes a small Tolex tear on one side of the amp and some light dust spots. Do you have a vintage Fender Champ amplifier for sale? I'm always looking to buy amplifiers like this one. Contact me here to send some pictures and get an offer on your amp today.

John Shults
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