Samamp VSC 10" -- Amp Sam's newest innovative circuit the VSC (Variable Symmetrical Clipping)! Simply put, the VSC 10 combines the unmistakably classic tone of a blackface Fender inspired tube amp with a 70s hifi transistor amplifier to drive the speaker. This allows the player proper gain level for tone and compression but a transparent analog output level to keep the peace in the home or studio. The EQ is located in the preamp section but the tone knob is at the 12AT7 driver for subtle but usable tone tweaks. The amp comes with an additional mid range boost pedal for the player looking for more tweed era style breakup. There's also a pull treble boost (or upper mid) that Sam describes as a Keith Richards style boost. I'm thrilled to offer this all analog, all hand wired in Birmingham AL, proprietary boutique amp with pedal in a fingerjointed solid Pine cabinet at just $1000 plus shipping. Oh yeah, and it weighs in at just 19 lbs.
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