1965 Epiphone FT-110 Frontier Refinished

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Posted on August 08 2019

When Gibson purchased Epiphone in 1957 there was already a line of great flat-top guitars in place. Gibson decided to revamp their FT-110 model featuring Maple back and sides with a new square shoulder body style- the first Gibson had ever made. In 1962, Gibson introduced the Gibson version of this guitar with fancy bird pickguard motif and called it the Dove. The Dove was made from this exact template but with a different bridge design and headstock shape. In 1963, the Epiphone Frontier model received a fancy pickguard with a lariat and cactus motif. This 1965 Epiphone FT-110 Frontier has been ridden hard and put up wet. It was probably originally a Sunburst version that was improperly refinished. At some point in time, the tuners were changed and the bridge reglued. We installed a new nut and set the guitar up to play. The frets show heavy wear in the first 5 frets but we were surpised at how good it sounded and fun it was to play. Country music recording artist Dean Mears owned this Frontier throughout his lifetime and recorded a few country songs on it. We're including a record of one of the songs he recorded with this guitar. Here's a youtube video that his family posted accompanied by another song he recorded with this guitar.

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