The D-18 was always Martin's workhorse dreadnought that did everything from recording to cutting through the mix of a live band. The Mahogany back and sides really seem to even out the typical Martin low end (potentially muddy) boom and provide a mid range boost. The result is a guitar that both records well and hangs in a live setting. The pickguard changed to solid black in 1967 but this guitar still retains the original tortoise shell guard.
This D-18 is in great playing condition and comes with the original receipt, hang tags, Martin factory correspondence and original hard shell case. It came to me by way of the grand-daughter of the original owner from Indiana. This guitar received some factory work in 1976 including a refret, refinish, bridge reglue, side crack repair and new rosewood bridge plate. It was played very little after the factory work so there is very little wear. The pickguard had pulled up when I received the guitar so I had my luthier glue the cracks and drop fill lacquer to smooth it out. It's set up with low action (4/32" on the bass side and 3/32" on the treble), a straight neck and factory fresh frets. This will be a solid playing D-18 for years to come.

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