Stuart Mossman's shop was comprised of skilled luthiers building guitars by hand one at a time. In 1974, Mossman was inspecting every guitar personally before it went out the door. While large manufacturers were focusing on lowering warrantee cost, Mossman was building guitars the old way. The most collectible and prized of Stuart's guitars were made before the fire in the factory in 1975. The Flint Hills was his flagship model with many similarities to the Martin D-28.
The only thing keeping this guitar from being absolutely mint condition is some very light finish checking. Most of these Mossman guitars got played hard but this one survived. It's in very fine condition with no repairs. The neck angle is just like it was from the factory. The original case is in equally fine condition. This guitar is not only a fine player but also a great investment. This is likely one of the finest Flint Hills out there. On consignment, $2400.

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