Dallas - Arbiter Fuzz Face (Cornell) 1999

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Posted on August 08 2019

1999 Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face Grey-009The Dallas - Arbiter Fuzz Face is a simple circuit that became an iconic effect since its introduction in 1966. Famous players include everyone but more specifically Jimmy Hendrix, David Gilmour, Duane Allman, Pete Townshend, Eric Johnson, etc. Early Faces utilized Germanium transistors that are commonly smoother than their Silicon counterparts. The Fuzz Face went through many transitions over the years but this small batch from 1999 reverted back to Germanium transistors. This small batch of Fuzz Face pedals were hand made by Dennis Cornell for Arbiter Electronics. Dennis helped develop the Fuzz Face back in the 1960s and was meticulous in sourcing correct parts from some of the same vendors as back in the day. This one shows no signs of use and comes in the original box and wax paper.

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