1972 gold Echoplex EP-3 17119-002Mike Battle's Echoplex brand is world renowned as the industry standard in tape echo machines. The EP-3 was his first model to use solid state preamp circuitry and has achieved holy grail status for its boost and tone shaping capabilities (check out the Exotic Effects EP Booster based on this exact preamp). The EP-3s tape deck and mechanics used the same design as the earlier EPs but reversed the movable head and motor's positions so that it was easier accessed by the player. Early EP-3s feature a black painted top (tape transport base) with white painted tape path that are commonly called "black top EP-3s". This early Echoplex EP-3 features rare gold hardware and very little playing time evidence. It's just returned from Pete at Echoplex Repair for a light cleaning and service with replaced filter capacitors. It performs flawlessly and is an excellent example of the model. The exterior covering is in good shape with a small rip in the fabric on the right side of the lid. The gold hardware is largely untarnished but does have some loose rivets (common on EP hardware). The original footswitch is included and has replaced rivets. We're confident you'll be inspired by this machine and that it will be an excellent addition to your studio or collection. Check out this quick clip of this unit in action (please excuse the iPhone mic clipping):
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