1966 Harmony Rocket H53

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Posted on August 08 2019

1966 Harmony Rocket-003Harmony's line of electric guitars featured DeArmond's legendary "Golden Tone" pickups and electronics. The Rocket bodies were thin but hollow like an ES-330 but had bolt on necks for easy construction and set ups. The later DeArmond pickups like the one in this guitar feature adjustable poles to dial in that perfect tone. This guitar is all set up and ready to go. The DeArmond pickup is hot and a perfect match for that vintage touch sensitivity and tone. The setup is great and there are no repairs. The frets are full height and have almost no wear on them. This one is perfect that Black Keys style garage/blues/rock music. The gold foil pickups really live up to the hype. This is a great guitar for jump blues and vintage style rock and roll.

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