The National 1224 Tremo-Tone is a ~12 watt all tube tweed style amp featuring 2 6x9 speakers. The circuit can be compared with an early tweed Fender Vibrolux, if one existed. The 1224 Tremo-Tone features octal preamp tubes and tremolo driver. The cabinets are solid finger jointed pine. The tone is distinctly tweed with good thick breakup and touch sensitivity. The Tremolo is deep, maybe too deep. The bird graphic on the grill cloth is factory original.
This National 1224 Tremo-Tone has survived in great all original and perfect working condition. The only changed part on this amp is a properly installed three prong power cord. All tubes are RCA brand and original to this amp. Toss your pedal board and plug straight in to this inspiring amp. You're welcome.

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