Mike Battle’s Echoplex brand is world renowned as the industry standard in tape echo machines. The EP-2 received an enlarged cabinet and different controls but retained the original tube preamp and circuitry. This 1965 Echoplex EP-2 has survived in very nice condition and is ready for the studio or collection. It has just returned from full service with Pete at Echoplex Repair in Los Angeles, CA. Pete serviced the motor, replaced drifted capacitors, and rewound the tape cartridge. It's now in excellent playing condition and ready to go. It shows very low playing time as evidenced by the likely original GE tubes. There are two bumps on each back corner of the lid. The previous owner installed a bit taller feet on the bottom of the echo presumably so it would sit higher and have better cooling for the motor. We're confident you'll love the tone from and be inspired by this 1965 Echoplex EP-2 made by Market Electronics in Toledo, OH.
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