Vintage 1960 Gibson ES-330td electric guitar

John Shults

Posted on May 23 2020

Vintage 1960 Gibson ES-330 electric guitar


This vintage 1960 Gibson ES-330td electric guitar came through the shop a few years ago. It is a fine example of a fully hollow thinline electric Gibson guitar. I'm always a vintage Gibson guitar buyer but I especially love the ES-330 model. Please contact me here to sell a vintage Gibson electric guitar. 

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From the 1960 Gibson catalog, "A wonderful instrument with truly magical tone available in single and double pickup models. The double cutaway body and think silhouette make it wonderfully easy to hold and play." High praise from the company simultaneously manufacturing the Les Paul Standard and ES-335tdc. An ES-330td in Sunburst could be purchased from your local Gibson dealer for $250 in 1960.

This nice 1960 Gibson ES-330td has survived in wonderful condition and is stage, studio and collection ready. All parts appear to be original to the guitar except for reproduction tuners and bushings (previously Grover), one saddle, and the tailpiece. No prior repairs are evident but someone did touch up a little black paint on the side of the front of the headstock. The frets show some wear but are in proper playing condition. We're confident you'll love the tone and playability from this 1960 Gibson ES-330td.

Vintage 1960 Gibson ES-330 electric guitar

vintage Gibson headstock 1960 ES-330 pearl inlay

Vintage Gibson electric guitar brown

Gibson neck Mahogany 1960 no serial number

Vintage Gibson electric guitar 1960

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