This super clean vintage 1951 Gibson ES-175 arcthop electric guitar came through the shop a few years ago. It's a very well preserved example of vintage Gibson greatness. I'm always a vintage Gibson guitar buyer but I especially love the E-175 model. Please contact me here to sell a vintage Gibson guitar

From the Gibson catalog, "For fast fingering, short scale length, low action. Acclaimed by artists as the finest instrument in its price class, the ES-175 is extremely light and a special fingerboard length for very fast playing. The Florentine design of this Gibson electric Spanish cutaway model aids the player in reaching all frets with ease and at the same time offers a unique, attractive appearance." While the ES-175's 24 3/4" scale and fretboard length weren't exactly special, the model became a workhorse in the Jazz guitar market.

This near mint 1951 Gibson ES-175 has just come from the niece of the original owner and remains in spectacular original condition with no breaks or repairs. All parts are original to the guitar except for the Thomastik-Infeld JS112 Jazz Swing strings we've just installed. We were thrilled to find the truss rod has never been adjusted as indicated by the unbroken original paint. The finish too is in wonderful condition with the only real wear being on the back of the neck likely from the cork and metal capo that's still in the pocket of the case. We're confident you'll love the tone, aesthetic, and playability of this one owner 1951 Gibson ES-175.

Gibson ES-175 electric guitar vintage 1951

Gibson ES-175 electric guitar archtop in original green felt interior case 1951

Gibson headstock, pearl inlay, ES-175 guitar 1951

Vintage 1951 Gibson ES-175 electric guitar

Gibson archtop electric guitar Sunburst ES-175 1951

no line Kluson opal button tuners 1951 Gibson ES-175 guitar

John Shults

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