Feast your eyes upon Gibson's top of the line thinline, semi-hollow arcthop electric guitar, the ES-355td Stereo+Vartione! Gibson offered three versions of the thinline electric arcthop guitar with solid center block: the ES-335 debuting in 1958, then the ES-345 and ES-355 which both debuted a year later in 1959. The ES-355 exhibited similar features to the Gibson Les Paul Custom model including a large pearl headstock inlay, ebony fretboard with large pearl inlays, thick binding and gold plated hardware.

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This clean vintage example of Gibson's ES-355 TD SV was ordered new in Hawthorne, NY by a Gibson Teacher-Agent. Gibson sometimes contracted with teaching studios around the country to sell Gibson instruments to the students at the studio. The musician that ordered this guitar was the owner of the teaching studio and wanted a Gibson ES-355 for himself.

I drove from Birmingham, Alabama to just north of Dallas to Denton, Texas to buy this guitar and a collection of other special instruments from the grandson of the teacher agent. 

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Vintage 1960 Gibson ES-355 red guitar yellow case

hang tags, paperwork, case candy, 1960 Gibson ES-355


John Shults

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