This vintage 1957 Fender Vibrolux guitar amplifier with tweed covering came through the shop a few years ago. It was nicely preserved and sounded divine. I'm always a vintage Fender amp buyer but I especially love the 1950s Vibrolux and Deluxe amps. Please contact me here to sell a vintage Fender guitar amp

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The Fender Vibrolux-Amp model was introduced in 1956 just after Fender's transition to narrow panel circuits and cosmetics. The Vibrolux is known for that classic Fender tweed break up and deep tremolo at a comfortable studio or home volume level. The 5F11 Vibrolux circuit produces 10-12 watts from a pair of 6v6 power tubes and 12ax7 preamp tube. An additional 12ax7 drives the phase inverter and tremolo sections.

This 1957 Fender Vibrolux 5F11 has just come out of the original owner's basement as is ready to get back to work. It's in good solid original condition with only a three prong power cord and new power switch for repairs. I sourced a proper set of genuine NOS matched set of Sylvania 6V6 power tubes and GE rectifier and preamp tubes. The original handle had long since deteriorated so I've replaced it with a nice looking vintage handle. All other parts are original to the amp including the important Jensen P10R speaker and both transformers. The tweed is in good condition but does show signs of being in a dusty environment. The chrome control panel shows pitting and what looks like a mark from a crayon. Rest assured that this one won't be mistaken for a 1990s reissue. They'll know from that classic look and tone that it's a holy grail pre-CBS tweed Fender amp.

Vintage 1957 Fender Vibrolux amp tweed guitar amplifier

Vintage 1957 Fender Vibrolux amp tweed guitar amplifier

Vintage 1957 Fender Vibrolux amp tweed guitar amplifier



Chassis, circuit, vintage 1957 Fender Vibrolux

Output transformer, power transformer, chassis, 1957 Fender Vibrolux amp




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