This 1946 Fender Princeton amp with Maple woody cabinet and Red grill cloth came through the shop earlier this year. The early Fender Woody amps have very cool metal strips in front of the felt grill cloth and finish wood cabinets often called woody amps. I'm always a Fender amp buyer but I'm especially looking for nice woody cabinet Fender amplifiers. You can contact me here to sell a Fender amp

We can easily date this Fender woody amp to 1946 since they were only made during 1946 and 1947. You can learn more about Fender amp dating, serial numbers, and manufacturing date codes here: How to date Fender amps.

 Vintage Fender woody amp Princeton

The first Fender amp line consisted of the Princeton model like this one, Model 26 Deluxe, and the Professional. The Princeton was the smallest of the three and didn't have a faceplate. Instead, it has only one volume knob with integrated on/off switch, two inputs, and one 8" speaker. 

1946 Fender Princeton Amp woody cabinet

John Shults

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