Vintage 1967 Guild Starfire V Cherry Red electric guitar

John Shults

Posted on May 14 2020

Vintage 1967 Guild Starfire V Cherry red electric guitar

This amazing 1963 Guild Starfire V in Cherry Red finish with case and tags came through the shop a few years ago. It was a fine playing and sounding vintage electric guitar. I'm always a vintage Guild guitar buyer but I especially love the Starfire models. Please contact me here to sell a vintage Guild guitar

The Starfire V from Guild introduced in 1963 closely resembled Gibson's successful ES-335 model with a few main differences. The Cherry finished Starfire V was constructed from a laminate Mahogany body with solid center block as opposed to Gibson's laminate Maple. Not only that, but Guild's version of the humbucking pickup is little brighter with slightly lower average output than the Gibson original. The addition of a master volume knob near the pickguard too sets the Starfire V apart from the similar ES-335.  

This clean 1967 Guild Starfire V in Cherry finish has survived in wonderful condition and is ready for the stage, studio or collection (edit: sold!). All parts are original to the guitar. It needed nothing but a light cleaning, restring, and setup to be in top playing condition. The peg head overlay exhibits mild shrinking which is common to these guitars. Case candy includes original hang tag, strap, old Guild string box, and folder of old picks.

Vintage Guild electric guitar red

Vintage 1965 Guild Starfire V Cherry Red electric guitar

Guild headstock, shrinking peghead overlay, 1967 Starfire V

Guild warrantee of crafstmanship card 1967

Guild hardshell case black vintage 1967 Starfire V

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