Fender Stratocaster 1961 Blond


This 1961 Fender Stratocaster has survived in it original custom ordered Blond finish over Ash body! I drove to Lake Charles, Louisiana to meet the son of the owner of this "61 Blond (no "e" in the catalog in '61) since about 1991. It's a spectacular playing with original pickups, coils, electronics parts, and frets in nice playing condition!

This Stratocaster is sold but I'm always looking for nice examples like it. You can contact me here: Sell a Fender.

Make and Model: Fender Stratocaster, Blond finish, Ash body

Year: 1961. Serial number 60005, neck heel pencil date "3/61", potentiometer codes "304 6043" (304 = Stackpole, 60 = 1960, 43 = 43rd week). 

Originality: All parts and finish are original to this guitar. At some point, a different loaded pickguard was installed by splicing in to the output jack leads. The original pickguard is back on and electronics spliced back into the output jack leads. There's an extra screw hole on the body from the other pickguard. There was a jumper wire on the switch which was removed. All other solder is original and undisturbed. 

Condition: Killer cool, worn, but original and infinitely playable. The original Blond body finish has plenty of checking and wear. The finish on the back of the neck is darkened from finger oils. The pickguard is shrunken and there's a crack next to the neck pickup mounting screw. 

Playability: Great! It's a really nice playing example on original frets. 

Measurements: 7.6 lbs/3.45 kg overall weight. The neck measures 1.65"/42.1mm wide at the nut,  0.78" deep at the first fret, and 0.98" deep at the 12th fret. The neck pickup reads 5.70k ohms, middle reads 5.71k, and the bridge pickup reads 5.45k ohms at the output jack. 

Included: The worn original case is included.

Fine Print: All guitars ship via FedEx Priority Overnight for domestic sales or FedEx Priority International. I offer a 48 hour approval period beginning on delivery for all sales during which you are welcome to opt for a return as long as the guitar is still in as-sent condition. I do not charge a restocking fee, but any non-refunded payment processing fees, outbound shipping, and return shipping costs are subtracted from the refund in the case of a return.

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