1960 Guild CE-100 DP

1960 Guild CE-100 DP


This 1960 Guild CE-100 DP has just arrived from its original owner. She was given it as a gift from her father as she wanted to study jazz guitar. It has survived in amazing condition and is a fantastically playable instrument. 

Make and Model: Guild CE-100 DP

Year: 1960. 

Originality: All parts original except the strings. The original Franz single coil pickups sound fantastic!

Condition: Very good. The head plate on the peghead is lifting at the top and the edges. There's light checking throughout. There's a ding in the finish on the front of the body on the bass side in the forearm area. It seems its original owner was likely a smoker and the case reflects that. The guitar doesn't smell musty or smokey. 

Playability: Excellent. The neck is straight, frets show very little wear, and I've cleaned the potentiometers and output jack. It's a professionally playable instrument.