Fender Model 26 Woody Amp & Organ Button Guitar 1946


I purchased this amazing pair of the Fender Model 26 Deluxe woody amp and matching Organ Button Model lap steel guitar from the son of their original owner in Los Angeles, California. Fender's Organ Button Model was the top of the line lap steel model during its first full year of existence. This is the cleanest first year pair that I have ever seen.

Make and Model: Fender Organ Button Model and Model 26 De Luxe Amplifier

Year: c.1946. Serial number 266 and Jensen speaker date code indicating the 8th week of 1946. 

Playability: Both the guitar and amplifier are in working condition as intended. 

Repairs: The amplifier had 1960s era filter capacitors and cord so we updated both to new parts. The Instrument volume knob broke in half and was crudely glued back together. The pickup on the guitar was dead so I had Tom Brantley rewind to original spec.

What is the Organ Button?: The small red button engages and disengages capacitors making up a treble filtering circuit. It sounds similar to engaging a tone potentiometer rolled all the way to the off position.

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