Martin D-18 1957


This vintage Martin D-18 1957 is a fantastic playing guitar after just returning from a professional neck reset and new saddle installation. It has rich classic Martin dreadnought tone with rich bass, full mid range, and articulate treble. This one has a great amber top color that's unmistakably vintage. 

Make and Model: Martin D-18

Year: 1957. Serial number 156xxx, slot saddle, single line Kluson tuners. 

Measurements: String action height at the 12th fret = 6/64" bass side and 4.5/64" treble side. Total weight = 4 lbs 3 oz. Neck profile at the 1st fret = 0.84". Nut width = 1 11/16".

Playability: Excellent! It now has a proper height saddle and proper action at the 12th fret after a pro neck reset. 

Originality: It's a nicely original example with overspray over the original finish pretty much everywhere. The saddle and bridge pins have been replaced but everything else is original. The case is a late 1960s Martin case. 

Condition: Good. It has a treble side rim crack repair with interior patch from long ago. The original bridge has been reshaped a bit. There is light overspray over most of the guitar. It's subtle and a bit tough to see without looking closely. 

Needs: Nothing. 


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